All About Bob O.

My Story starts in the small mid-western town of St. Charles, Missouri. I was born to George and Margie O'Lary on November 20, 1953 at St. Joseph's Hospital. Dr. Cantey was the attending obstetrician. I was a "city slicker" for the first six years of my life.
Click here, to see a picture of me at four years of age in my Easter suit.

My family moved from the city to a small horse ranch (127 acres) in my sixth year, and I became quite the cowboy. It was called "O'Lary's Pony Farm" and we bought, sold & bred American Quarterhorses. We also maintained it as a riding stable. I rode, broke, and help care for our 32 horses, 13 ponies, and a burro or two. Heck, we even had a goat, a pig, and a steer!

Click here, to see Bob O in his Cub Scout uniform at age 8.

In 1966 my father retired from McDonnell Aircraft Corporation, and we moved to Tampa, Florida where I entered the 7th grade, and continued through 12th grade, where I graduated from East Bay High School in 1972. Music performance was the highlight of my life then, as I'd been in the band since 3rd grade, and discovered the joy of singing in chorus during high school.

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I attended Manatee Junior College in Bradenton, Florida and received my Associate of Arts degree in Music Education, and then matriculated to the University of West Florida in Pensacola, then to Tallahassee to attend Florida State University.

While finishing my Music Ed. degree, I began working in photography, and decided this would be my professional carreer instead of music teaching. I also started "messing around" with computers. (here we go again!)

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Now I am a fun-loving guy with a keen interest in photography, computing, and casino gambling. I enjoy teaching others about computers, modems and network telecommunications.

I was self-employed for fifteen years as a freelance commercial photographer. My photographic client list includes a diverse group of publishers including the New York Times, People Magazine, Modern Maturity, United Press International, the Associated Press, Stern Magazine, Parade Magazine, American Banker Magazine, Mother Jones, and numerous state and regional newspapers. (I've even been published in the National Enquirer..EEK!)

I am the past-president of T-Apple User Group. I am an active Leon County Schools volunteer, and a Partner in Excellence. I am also a national internet/WEB consultant, having presented at state technology conventions, and twice for the National Legislature in Washington D.C.

I was employed by Hartsfield Elementary School as their technology coordinator from 1994 to 2000. I am also employed by the Florida Attorney General's Public Information Office as an HTML/WEB graphics consultant.

I am now employed by Florida A&M University's School of Journalism and Graphic Communication as a Senior Computer Repair Technician (state job). I anticipate that this job will last me another good long time, as I stick to most jobs forever it seems. I really enjoy the merging of the "teaching and technology" there, and I enjoy the company of the faculty & staff as well.

Mr. Craig Zody, my good friend, taught me how to use the HTML programming language. Many thanks Craig!

This is a picture of Craig and his wife Janie at our Halloween party. (Craig is on the left)

To be fair, I'll include a picture of ME at the same party! Click here, to see Bob O as a werecow. (moo, moo moo...)

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