My Lovely Wife Susan.....

Susan Rose Mary McNamara was born in New York, but her family soon moved to Miami, Florida where she grew up.

Here is a picture of that bouncing baby!

She was the first of eleven siblings, and was quickly versed in child-care from an early age.

Susan always did well scholastically, and graduated early from Killian High School.

She received her double major Batchelor's degree in Psychology and Sociology from F.S.U. then continued on in graduate school and earned her Master's degree in Evaluation and Measurement.
She is a self-proclaimed "computer nerd" and discovered the online world of modem users much earlier than most. This is where our story begins....

Susan and I met "on-line" long before it was fashionable (1987), on the Eagle's Nest Electronic Bulletin Board where we were fierce competitors in the interactive on-line gaming area. Susan usually beat me...(sniff..) but I enjoyed the competition. We hit it off very well, and she eventually agreed to marry me! On August 26th, 1989 we had a "digital" wedding ceremony where we exchanged vows over the computer. We set up three computers, (one for her, one for me, and one for the minister who was a member of the clergy and a local BBS system operator), and we typed our vows to each other. The audience of family and friends in attendance had video monitors to watch as the ceremony took place.
Though she uses a WinTel computer, and I'm an Apple/Macintosh user, we get along very well, and I love her so!

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